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Okay folks, let’s get on this site and discuss the schools we talked about in class. BTW, great work Ashley on your homework about the dates of the reign of the different emperors. 

School of Alexandria- Concentrates on the grace of God as the grace of continuous or dynamic renewal of our nature by the Holy Spirit, who grants us close unity with the Father in the Son; that is communion with God. In Jesus Christ, we not only receive forgiveness of sins by the Holy Spirit, but we also attain a "new life" which is free from sin as a divine grace. Was eminent for fervency of spirit and eloquence in oral teaching. 

School of Asia Minor: Consisted of a group of theological teachers and writers. It's greatest representative Irenaeus, who combined the zeal of an evangelist with the skill of a writer. 

School in North Africa, was a series of able writers and theologians. 

The School of Alexandria was founded around 180 A.D. by Pantaeunus. This school amazes me because it was established centuries ago that left a strong foundation for Christians today.  School of Asia Minor was consisted of theological teachers and writers. School of N. Africa did more than either of the other schools because it shaped the theological thought of Europe.  It is considered to have been  rich in doctrines and its relation to the heathen world around it, during the centuries of persecution. Holy Spirit was protecting this writers and theologians.  

  • School of Alexandria - founded in 180 A.D, with only pieces of its writing survived. The greatest of this school was Origen; was a Hellenistic scholar, ascetic, and early Christian theologian. He was also know as an able thinker and expositor of the period and wrote a very great extent on learning and intellectual power.
  • School of Asia Minor - had a group of theological teachers and writers but one know as Irenaeus was known as "the greatest." 
  • School of North Africa - this school did more than the others noted - as far as shaping the theological thought of Europe, even though it had quite a few theologians and writers. 

These schools and schools associated with them have been the source of information regarding the church. Their writings helped revel the church's life, its doctrines and also a look into what they dealt with in the heathen world during the persecution.  

The School of Alexandria, School of Asia Minor, and School of N. Africa were the source of first-hand information concerning the church, life, doctrines, and relations to the heathen world during the centuries of persecution.  

The school of Alexandria was founded in 180 AD by Pantaenus, a stolic philosopher. He was succeeded by Clement of Alexandria who was living about 150-215 AD. Clement wrote several book that mostly defended Christianity against paganism.  Origen (185 - 254 AD) was considered the greatest of the Alexandrian School.  He taught and wrote on many subjects.

The School of Asia Minor consisted of a group of theological teachers and writers.  Irenaeus was the greatest representative.  He was known for his zeal of the evangelist and skill of the finished writer. He moved to Gaul (France), was a Bishop, and died as a martyr.

The School of North Africa was located in Carthage.  It did the most to shape the theological thought of Europe. The two most know leaders were Tertullian (160 - 220 AD) and Bishop Cyprian (died as a martyr in 258 AD). Tertullian was considered brilliant and ardent. Bishop Cyprian was conservative but masterful. He died in the Decian persecution as a martyr.

The School of Alexandria was founded about 180A.D. by Pantaenus. Before he was a Christian he was taught to be free of passion and unmoved by joy. Once he accepted Christ in his life he became full of passion and zeal. He was gifted to teach with great fluency. He lived from 150-215 A.D. Origen was the greatest teacher at this school. He was known for his expositions in teaching and writing. He lived from 185-254 A.D.

The School of Asia Minor did not have one location but consisted of a group of theological teachers and writers. Irenaeus was the most outstanding evangelist and writer at this school. He later moved to France to be a Bishop, then he was a martyr in 200 A.D.

The School in North Africa was located in Carthage. This school had the greatest writers and theologians. They did the most to shape theological thought in Europe. Tertullian and Bishop Cyprian were the most recognized in this school. Tertullian had a very outgoing and expressive personality. He lived from 160-220 A.D. Bishop Cyprian was more conservative and extremely intelligent. He died a martyr in 258 A.D. during the Decian persecution.

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