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Welcome to V.E.T.I.

Victory Education & Training Institute (V.E.T.I.) is a cutting-edge Bible institute providing quality biblical, ministerial, and leadership training that helps students DISCOVER their purpose, destiny, knowledge, vision, leadership, calling, God.  Our primary vision is to equip men and women for the work of the ministry. We accomplish this goal by providing a quality theological & biblical education; one that is globally accessible through our campus based and online learning programs.

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God loves you.  More than that, he has a plan for your life.  If you desire to prepare yourself for that plan, V.E.T.I. is for you.  If you want to make sure you are equipped for God's calling and ministry for your life, V.E.T.I. is for you.  If you know that you are called to the ministry and recognize the need to receive formal biblical education, V.E.T.I. is for you.  If you hunger to comprehend theological truth in a appropriate and relevant manner, V.E.T.I. is definitely for you.  If you just desire is to understand the Bible better, we invite you to come and Discover God.

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  The V.E.T.I. Network.  It's a great way to stay updated, connect with other students, check out photos and videos and even communicate with teachers to create a rich interactive experience. also helps students to stay motivated.  Join today, membership is free. 

V.E.T.I. Doesn't Just Provide Education.

Knowledge is just the beginning. Our two-year program is designed to teach you God's Word, plus to prepare you to be effective today and tomorrow as you pursue God's call upon your life.

It’s Designed For You.

V.E.T.I. is made to fit your lifestyle and schedule.  You can go to work and school.  Take classes once a week.  We have night classes and weekend intensive courses help to fit busy schedules, plus we offer online classes.

Convenient Locations

Find a location near you.  There are over 70 extensions to choose from world-wide! 

Online Experience (PC OR MAC)

In today’ world there is a constant demand for our most precious commodity: Time. V.E.T.I. is now offering Online courses to help eliminate distance, travel and time.  Click here for our list of online class.  Online classes also allow you to study from home or from anywhere in the world, all you need is a internet connection. 


Not a computer expert?  No problem.  As long as you know how you find your computer files and know how to surf the web you should do well in an online class.  You don't have to be a computer geek but you do need to be a little comfortable working with a PC or Mac.  If you have facebook account and know how to send and receive pictures, you will do really good.  Never taken an online class? Here's how it works.  

Online Classes:

  1. are available from anywhere in the world!
  2. are open 24 hours a day.
  3. are seven weeks long.
  4. are available five sessions per year.
  5. includes interaction with students & instructors.
  6. are taught by instructors with Bachelor & Masters degree's in Bible and theology.


 Discover our Social Networks!

It's easy to stay connected with us.  Get the latest V.E.T.I. news and announcements through:


  1. The V.E.T.I. Network.  Our very own social network. 
  2. Our facebook fan page, keyword: VETIONLINE
  3. Our online school portal:
  4. Our twitter page: @VETIONLINE
  5. Plus, you can get instant V.E.T.I. updates via SMS by texting "follow vetionline" to 40404 in the U.S.

Discover: Accomplishment.
Graduate from V.E.T.I. in two years with a Religious Study Certificate (R.S.C.).  Complete our 72-unit program sooner by taking online classes and intensive courses available throughout the year. U.T.C. credits also count towards your V.E.T.I. requirements.  To make sure you stay on course, follow our 2-Year Fast Track.

If you are an existing student you can now download the 72-unit course list and request a copy of your transcript online to make sure you are right on track. Get started today and Stay Motivated!

If you're still reading all of this, probably so,  here's why:


  1. On-site classes are available four school quarters per year.
  2. On-site classes are available in over 60 locations.
  3. Online classes are available worldwide.
  4. Online classes are taught five times a year.
  5. Intensive 1-2 day classes are taught throughout the year.
  6. Cutting edge courses & teachers.
  7. Focused and relevant teaching.
  8. Excellent teacher to student ratio.
  9. You will be challenged to grow spiritually, mentally, doctrinally and theologically.
  10. You will received our 2-year Religious Study Certificate.
  11. You will be better equipped to understand the Word of God and prepared to fulfill your ministry.
  12. After graduating from V.E.T.I. you qualify to continue your education to obtain a Bachelors in Christian Ministry Degree (B. Min.).

I love it!  How do I sign up?


  1. To begin now click here for step by step instructions.

  2. Visit us online to access important information, registration dates and our 72-unit course catalog. Log on today!

  3. Call or E-mail.  Feel free to call our administrative office at 909.599.4437 to get advice or be directed to the right person in your local area! We’re a phone call or email away: vetionline@victoryoutreach dot org.  For the most commonly asked questions, please visit our F.A.Q.'s.


God bless you as you endeavor to discover your potential, ministry, calling, knowledge, purpose, destiny ... GOD.

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