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How Do Online Classes Work?

Online classes are group study courses available on any computer (PC or Mac) with internet access. There is no set time to log into an online course. Students can connect to their classroom as often as they like, 24 hours a day.

Online classes consist of video & audio lectures, group discussions, reading & writing assignments and quizzes.  Each week (on Monday morning) a new lesson appears in a students course. Students have until the end of the week (11:55pm [PST] each Sunday) to turn in all assignments.

Since most online courses consist of 8 weekly sessions, all homework is due at the end of the week, usually on Sunday night.

Students work independently to complete all weekly assignments although they also dialogue with other students as well as the instructor in discussion groups and by email.

If a student has a problem logging into class or has a technical problem related to their course, they should call Academic Services for assistance (909-599-4437).

Online students will not be able to log into their specific course until the first day of class.  Here are the instructions how to connect to your online class.

Students can enroll in as many online & onsite classes as he or she can handle.

Students should expect to put in "at least" 3-6 hours of work per week, for each course (this depends on how fast a student can type, their reading and comprehension skills, as well as on their individual learning style).

Classes are taught by V.E.T.I. Instructors and feature a high degree of interaction between the student, instructor and fellow online students.  
The cost for an online class is $120  plus the textbook. For a list of all textbooks click here.

When a student logs into his course he/she will be presented with several links.  Each link represents a video/audio clip, a lecture, an assignment, a discussion, an activity, and/or a quiz.  Students click on the link to open and read, hear or see its instruction.

Lessons are in form of text, audio and/or video (handouts or pdf files are also used along with the course textbook).

Students respond to lessons by summarizing and/or writing essays, completing special assignments, interacting with other students and the instructor using our discussion boards and chat forums and by taking weekly quizzes. 

Students submit their responses and receive feedback directly from the instructor.  Students also discuss what they are learning with fellow students.  

Academic Integrity Policy.

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Can someone else in the same household with the same e-mail also take the class?
Angelo, for security reasons, it is not possible for two people to use the same email address when taking an online class. Every person needs to have a separate email address. I recommend to get a free email address from yahoo, google, etc.

Nick G.

Angelo Abeyta said:
Can someone else in the same household with the same e-mail also take the class?

This information gives a good vision of an online is. It has specific details for students and teachers.
how do we attend the class
After you register for a class you receive a user-name and password. Then you visit to access the course. See paragraph 5.

Willie Jurrell Harris said:
how do we attend the class
Whenis the 2011 online schedual coming out?
All VETI network members will be getting a message with the calendar later today.

Thomas Tadduni said:
Whenis the 2011 online schedual coming out?
hello my name is robinn and im currently taking classes at v.o. phx. my goal is to become an evangilist. what courses do i need and what would be a realistic time frame that i could get this done? i gave myself around four years,God willing. and a list of the courses coming up soon. thanks and God Bless!
Rovin, you can graduate from V.E.T.I. in 2 years by following the 2-Year Fast Track Model.  Keep in mind that classes do not have to be taken in this order.  Your local V.E.T.I. Coordinator will also help to make sure that a 2-year plan is in place for your extension. 


Click on the attachment link below to download this file.   If you are new to V.E.T.I. or you would like to find out how to begin taking classes at V.E.T.I. click here.  Also visit our Frequently Asked Questions.  All of our courses are listed at

Do we get a certificate or diploma after completeing the course

Please see:

Maritza Jeannette Medrano said:

Do we get a certificate or diploma after completeing the course

Hi Joey, the reason you cant log in is because the online classes are not listed yet. They will be available this Friday. You can also email us at veti@victoryoutreach dot org

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