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LOGOS Bible Study Software for VETI Students!


We are happy to announce that LOGOS Bible Study Software is now offering all V.E.T.I. students a 30% discount on each of their nine libraries.  V.E.T.I. Instructors receive a 50% discount.  Click on the link on the bottom of this discussion to download the promotional flyer.

Logos Bible Software Academic Discount Program for
Victory Education & Training Institute
30% - 50% off Logos Bible Software.

  • Save Time: Complete assignments in a fraction of the time – search hundreds of books with a click

  • Save Money: Buy books for about $1.35 each – payments as low as $25/month

  • Save Space: Carry all your books on your laptop – an entire library that’s portable

  • Multi-Platformed: Licensed for PC, Mac, iPhone, iPod Touch, and pretty much any smart phone capable of accessing the internet – take your books with you anywhere

  • Discounted Collections now for Mac, PC, iPhone, iPod Touch increase in quantity but also quality!:


To see a quick overview of LOGOS click on the video above.  Logos also provides a Spanish version of their software. LOGOS Bible Study Software is a great resource, and is completely optional, for our students & instructors.  If you are serious about Bible Study I highly recommend LOGOS.  Each library also comes with an optional 12 month interest free payment. 


After trying several other Bible study programs I believe LOGOS is a winner.  Other Bible Study programs are limited in what they can do, they are not as easy to work with, they provide limited support and they do not update their programs as often. 


LOGOS provides excellent phone support and forums plus, lots of video tutorials for those of us who are visual learners.  All LOGOS libraries come with a 30 day money back guarantee for anyone to try out the product.


  1. To order by phone: please call LOGOS at: (800) 878-4191. They will answer any questions your have and provide all of the assistance you need including deciding which LOGOS Library to purchase.
  2.  To order by email:

Besides that fact that LOGOS is an excellent Bible Study Program, the part about LOGOS that I really like is that it works on several platforms:  PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android, on the Web, and on cell phones with internet access.


You can also download LOGOS on as many platforms as you personally own.  For example, I downloaded LOGOS on my work PC, and on my personal Mac.  I can also legally install it on as many computers as I own (iPad, iPhone, PC, etc.).  Plus, once you pay for a copy of the program, your spouse (and children under 18 who live at home) also can legally download and use LOGOS on their personal computer at no additional cost.


If you enjoy Bible Study I believe you will enjoy working with LOGOS.

See also the Free Ebook Reader.



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Download LOGOS Flyer

brother nick, God bless and have a merry xmas and happy safe new year, I am sad to see that the classes I need to take have not been made available, like church 2, but I believe that if the Lord wants me to continue he will raise a teacher here in san diego, or online with the classes I need to graduate. keep me and my family in prayer. God bless you all .

You do not need to be sad Sonia.  Here is the solution:

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