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Old and New Testament.

O. T. Means scripture that God gave, over the course of many years, to an ancient people whom He chose to deal with in a unique way.

These ancient people were known as Hebrews or Israelites and later as Jews.

Certain people were moved by God’s Spirit to express divine truth in human words.

These writings were divided into three sections;
1. The Torah, guidance, teaching, law. (First 5 Books of Moses)
2. The Prophet, major and minor prophets.
3. The Writing, historical writing, Psalms, Proverbs, and other works.

These are the the books of the Old Testament. They are God’s ancient Testament, or declaration of His creation, humanity, their fall, and God’s saving works over many centuries to undo sin’s disastrous consequences.

These writings or books pointed to a person who would save people from their sins and restore innocence and justice. It looks ahead to a future fulfillment.

New Testament
The New Testament tells of the fulfillment of what the Old Testament promises.
It is the “Testament” of God’s saving work in more recent times. It announces the arrival of the savior the Old Testament awaits.

Both Testaments also point to an eternal order beyond the world as we know it, a world of heavenly glory for those who seek God and of judgement will for those whose lives remain centered on themselves.

Why Study The New Testament?

• It mediates God’s presence and with it, Truth.
God is present in it and through it. The words are God’s Word.
In a world that is lost and confused there is something to hold on to, God’s truth.

• It is of Ultimate personal significance.
While scripture is of divine origin it is also of personal significance.
The direction that our whole life takes depends on whether we embrace or ignore, or perhaps twist, the Word of God.
It is the means God uses to heal a searching soul. The searching questions we have in life.

• It is foundational to cultural literacy.
The Bible is important in what we call spiritual matters but it is significant for the life of the mind. Cultural literacy, that is, acquaintance with at least a broad aspect of science, the humanities, and fine art including beliefs, social organization, and moral traits of a society. N. T. teaches love, truth, sexual purity, etc and a lack of knowledge of the the N. T. teaching in any society will influence what a society will look like.

Reading assignment, pages 20 - 34.

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