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Announcing the New V.E.T.I.

Graduate from V.E.T.I. in 2 years by following the 2-Year Fast Track Model below.  Keep in mind that classes do not have to be taken in this order.  Your local V.E.T.I. Coordinator will also help to make sure that a 2-year plan is in place for your extension. 


Click on the attachment link below to download this file.   If you are new to V.E.T.I. or you would like to find out how to begin taking classes at V.E.T.I. click here.  Also visit our Frequently Asked Questions.




Remember, 72 units are required to graduate (19 core courses and 5 elective courses).  Students also have a choice as to which elective classes to enroll in.  Many classes are also available as Intensive courses and On-line courses. 


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