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Video Tutorial - How to Register for a VETI Course

5 Steps Required to Enroll in a VETI Course

  1. Visit: and click on Education.

  2. Click on V.E.T.I. Registration or the Registration button.

  3. Click on "To Register Click here".  If you already have a "Member Center" login or "United We Can" login click on Student Login to register for class.  If you do not have a member center login click on New Member and follow directions.  If you can’t remember your login username and password or you’re not sure if you have an existing Member Center login, click the “Login Recovery” Icon.  

  4. After you've logged into the system, click on Education and then on Registration.  Next sselect a State, then select a VETI extension, and then click on the course you want enroll in.  If you want to enroll in more than one course go back to the Enrollment link and add another class.

  5. When you are done selecting the classes you want to enroll in click on Continue to Billing.  Fill in your credit card information then click on Process Payment.

  6. After the payment has been processed, click on Back to Giving, then on Class Schedule. From there you can click on the receipt link to print it and bring to class as proof of payment.

Please Note:  


In order for our office to keep each students account accurate & organized, each student will need to login with their own email account.   You cannot share an email account with another student.
  If you have any questions please ask below or give us a call at 909-577-4437.  For more details click here.


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When will online courses be updated for 2013?

They are now updated.  visit:

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