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Top 9 Questions:


  1. How to register for a class using the new registration system.
  2. Do I need to be a computer expert to take an online class?
  3. What does it take to succeed online?
  4. How do I request a Copy of my Transcripts?
  5. Can I graduate by Conference 2017?
  6. How do online classes work?
  7. How do I start?
  8. What type of certificate do I get after I graduate?
  9. What V.E.T.I. credits do I earn for completing the U.T.C.?

1. How much does it cost to take a class online?
The price for a V.E.T.I. Online and On-Site course is $110.00 for each class.  You may register to as many courses as you can handle.  Know that each course requires between 3-6 hours of study per week, (this depends on how fast a student can type, their reading and comprehension skills, as well as their individual learning style).  Intensive courses at local extensions cost $125.   each.  

2. Are there any discounts?
No.  There are no discounts.  

3. Can I get a refund?
No, there are no refunds.  After you have paid for a class, we can only transfer you to another course (during the first week of class only).

4. How long does an online course last?
Online courses consist of seven week sessions.   On-Site courses are 8 weeks long and Summer On-Site courses are 5 weeks.  Intensive classes are usually 1-day courses.

5. Are online courses delivered by video?
The course format includes a combination of video, audio, online  lessons and reading from the course text book.

6. What are the benefits of taking an online course?
A. Online classes allow students the freedom to attend V.E.T.I. courses at his/her convenience.
B. Online courses remove travel time, which saves time and gas.
C. Online classes allow people who are far away from a V.E.T.I. extension access to V.E.T.I. courses.
D. Online classes allows everyone access to very well qualified instructors.
E. Online classes provide high quality courses, content and instructors to everyone.

7. Are Online Courses Easy?
The answer depends on your learning style. Although online courses are more flexible than the customary brick-and-mortar classroom setting, they require just as much work.  Students need to be disciplined.  They should pick a day and time they plan to study and stick to it.  Students should be dedicated, motivated, organized and committed to each of the seven week course.  Students should plan on studying 3-6 hours per week for each online course (this depends on how fast a student can type, their reading and comprehension skills, as well as their individual learning style).  See also question #13.

8. Is it true that online courses do not provide any personal attention?
V.E.T.I. online courses are strategically designed so that each student received a good learning experience. The use of discussion forums, chat rooms, email and our dedicated support staff help to make every class a little more personal. We want students to know that they are important and are not isolated at their computer screen.

Each week, students also have the opportunity to participate in our discussion forums.  This is where students answer questions online as well as interact with other students in the course.  The use of forums allow students to contribute significantly to the class plus it helps to build successful communication and community in our online environment.

Students also frequently receive personalized feedback from their professors each week.  At the same time, like in any educational environment, students must make an effort to work closely and communicate with their professors as well.

Another tool available to students that helps to build community is, "The V.E.T.I. Network".  See question 21 for these exciting details.

9. Do I need to be a computer expert to take an online class?
No. You do not need to be a computer expert to take an online class.  You also do not need a lot of computer experience either nor do you need to be a tech or computer geek to succeed online.  If you know how to send and receive email (without help) you will do well in an online class especially if you can follow directions and are not afraid to ask for help.

All you need to take an online class is a computer with Internet access  (desktop or laptop).  If you can browse the web you have the technical requirements to take an online class.

If you are new to computers learn how to send and receive email, learn how to send attachments (pictures, music files, etc.) and learn how to browse the web.  Once you are comfortable doing these three things, sign up for an online class.

10. How do online classes work?

First you must create an account on  This will be your Victory Outreach login to be used for V.E.T.I., United We Can, Events, etc.  Next, register to your course via (register early to avoid the late fee).  On the first day of class log into your course using the same login and password you used when registering.  Keep in mind, the username and password for your free account on is separate from your Victory Outreach account.

Students can also enroll in an online classes and a on-site classes in the same school quarter.  Students can enroll in as many online classes as he or she can handle although they should expect to study "at least" 3-6 hours per week per course (this depends on how fast a student can type, their reading and comprehension skills, as well as on their individual learning style).

Online classes are group study courses available on any computer with internet access. V.E.T.I. offers over approximately 10 online interactive classes each quarter.  Each class is 7 weeks long. Online classes are available 4 times a year and consist of video & audio lessons, group discussions, reading & writing assignments and quizzes.  Classes take place on our school portal:

Once enrolled, students can enter their class at anytime and anywhere as long as they have access to a computer with an internet connection.  Classes are taught by V.E.T.I. Instructors and feature a high degree of interaction between the student, instructor and fellow online students.  The cost for an online class is $110  plus the textbook. For a list of all textbooks click here.

Students need to complete all assignments for each of the 7 weeks of class.  Students can connect to the classroom as often as they like, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. V.E.T.I. Online is never closed. Students can also dialogue with other students and the instructor online or by email.

When a student logs into his course he/she will be presented with several links.  Each link represents a video/audio clip, a lecture, an assignment, a discussion, an activity, and/or a quiz.  Students click on the link to open and read, hear or see its instruction.

Each week’s assignment is available to the student one week at a time. It is not possible to view or access the following week’s course material. You will always be able to go back and review what was already taught but you cannot jump ahead. All of the instructions for each week are numbered and appear in weekly blocks. All a student has to do is click on each link and follow the instructions.

Lessons are in form of text, audio and/or video (handouts or pdf files are also used along with the course textbook).  Students respond to lessons by summarizing and/or writing essays, completing special assignments, interacting with other students and the instructor using our discussion boards and chat forums and by taking weekly quizzes.  Please note that a large amount of reading is required in our online classes. Students submit their responses and receive feedback directly from the instructor.  Students also discuss what they are learning with fellow students. 

Make sure to review our Academic Integrity Policy.

Each week (on Monday morning) the new lesson topic appears in a students course.  Students have seven days to turn in all assignments for each week (until 11:55pm [PST] each Sunday).  If an instructor accepts late assignments, it is subject to a 10% reduction in grade per assignment, per week.

At the end of the course there is a final quiz and report that is due, (depending upon the instructor). 

11. What are the technical requirements to take an online course?

The only requirements are a computer, fast internet access and a desire to learn.  You may use a PC or a Mac.

12. Can I use a Mac?
You can access online courses using a PC or a Macintosh computer.

13. What does it take to succeed in an online environment?
To succeed in the online classroom students must take responsibility for their own learning.  Students must be disciplined.  Students should be dedicated, motivated, organized and committed to each of their seven week course.
Online students should pick a day and time they plan to study and stick to it. See also question #7.

If you registered for an online course, visit on the first day of class and login (using the same login and password used when registering).

Online classes include reading, writing, special assignments, interacting with other online students and quizzes.  Classes may  also include video and audio lessons.  Students should expect to study at least 3-6 per week for each course, (this depends on how fast a student can type, their reading and comprehension skills, as well as their individual learning style). All classes take place online at and not in a physical classroom.

If an online student invests 3-6 hours per week doing all of their course work plus practices academic honesty, they can be a very successful online student.  See also, Top 10 Tips for Online Students

14. When is the best time to log in?  (Also see question 26)
V.E.T.I. Online is never closed. We are open 24 hours a day. Students can begin taking a course anytime that is convenient to them.  Online sessions are only 7 weeks long.  Each Monday (beginning with the first week of class) beginning at 12:01 am (P.S.T.) a new session begins with new assignments, discussions, etc.  Students have 7 days to complete all assignments for each of the seven sessions (unless otherwise instructed by the instructor).  Students can log in any day or night that is convenient to them.

15. Can I complete the course sooner than seven weeks?
No.  All course work for each week  (lessons, assignments, reading, activities, discussions, etc.) are made available one week at a time.  A very important aspect of taking an online class is the discussion between students and the instructor. A part of each week’s lesson requires student discussion. This learning aspect cannot be rushed or disregarded.

16. How long do I have to complete the homework?
You have one week to complete the required coursework for each session. Every week the homework for the session is due before the next session begins. Homework is due each Sunday night before 11:59pm PST. Every week the session material for each course becomes available each Monday morning beginning at 12:01am PST.

17. What’s the first thing I should do after I log in?
The first thing you should after you register for your course and receive your login and password is to login and review the course syllabus. The syllabus is always in the orientation block. Read the entire syllabus. Next go through every link in the course. Start from the top and follow the instructions.

18. Help! I can’t see the video?
All of the video clips in our courses are in Flash format (FLV).  If you can’t see the video clips in a course take the following steps:

  1.  Update your internet browser. 
  2. Use a different internet browser. Consider Firefox and Opera
  3. Update the flash drivers in your computer.  Visit  
  4. Visit to see if you can see any of their videos. 
  5. If you cannot view the video clips from click here for additional suggestions how you can resolve the problem. accepts a wide range of video file formats, including flash.  If you can view videos from YouYube you should be able to view the videos in your course.
  6. If you still cannot view videos from your course & YouTube take your computer in for service or try using another computer.

19. Who is the guest user?
The guest user is anyone who is looking at the list of classes.

20. How can I pay for a course?

With a credit or debit card.

21. What’s the V.E.T.I. Network?
One of the exciting tools we provide for our students is, "The V.E.T.I. Network". The V.E.T.I. Network is a social network that helps to create a sense of community for all of our students, alumni, coordinators, instructors and staff.

Presently there are over 600 members on The V.E.T.I. Network.  Those who sign up to The V.E.T.I. Network (Membership is Absolutely Free) are able to interact with other students and alumni, and instructors. They can make comments; ask questions, upload photos, video & music files. Plus, they can create groups, blogs, organize events, have discussions, and so much more. Members also receive the latest and greatest information about Victory Education & Training Institute including course availability, announcements, etc. Visit The V.E.T.I Network here:

22. How many people can take a course?
Classes are available the first 25 students who sign up to each course. Classes will be held online at: and not in a physical classroom.

23. Are online classes strictly online?
Yes. V.E.T.I. Online classes provide a 100% online learning experience. You do not have to attend any special meetings or visit a physical classroom. All communication is completed through discussion boards, chat, online messaging and email. A student also has the option to call the V.E.T.I. office or schedule a time to speak with the instructor.

24. I’m getting an error trying to register.
Make sure you have completely filled out each field in the registration and payment page.  If your church does not appear in the list, pick the closest one to you and email us to let us know or call 909-599-4437.

25. Who do I call for help?
We have plenty of support in place for you. If you have any questions or need assistance please:

1. Contact your instructor first (by clicking on his name within the course)
2. Email the instructor (his email is provided in the syllabus)
3. Call the V.E.T.I. office: 909-599-4437 ext. 102 (Mon. - Fri. from 9am – 5pm PST)
4. Email the V.E.T.I. office at: VetiOnline at VictoryOutreach dot org

26. What time does class start?  (also see question 14)
Our online classes do not have a set start time. You can access your course anytime that works for you. With that in mind the only requirement is that all coursework for every week must be completed by the end of the corresponding week (Sunday night by 11:59pm PST) the coursework for the following week will appear every Monday morning, beginning at 12:01am PST.

27. Can I study with other people?
We strongly encourage students to form study groups and engage in cooperative learning, as long as the students maintain a high value of academic integrity. Study groups motivate students to study and do research. They also help to broaden students’ perspectives by providing group dialogue. Everyone contributes because everyone has a slightly different perspective on everything; and everyone benefits because it is done cooperatively.

However, we have encountered problems with students who lack personal integrity, and have used study groups to avoid personal study and self-application. So, in order to provide a secure and honest learning environment, we have included safeguards that help protect the integrity of our online programs.  If you choose to meet with classmates for study groups, share your insights, your thoughts and your resources, but never share your answers.  See Academic Integrity.

28. Is V.E.T.I. accredited?
In the past, our staff has worked very hard to comply with the regulatory standards required for accreditation. Although we currently hold articulations and open relationships with several local schools (Azusa Pacific University and Fuller Theological Seminary), we are not regionally accredited.

V.E.T.I. has decided to maintain its focus as a Bible Institute dedicated to training men and women for the ministry of Victory Outreach International.  This is our vision and calling  (If you are not a part of Victory Outreach you are welcome to enroll in any V.E.T.I. Course).

This does not mean that we fail to aim at the highest academic standards possible; in fact, our lead instructors and curriculum writers hold master's degrees in theology (V.E.T.I. graduates who went on to graduate from Fuller and A.P.U.). Our commitment to the development of competent men and women for ministry is fueled and informed by God’s promise to give us “Treasures out of Darkness.”

If you desire to pursue further graduate-level theological studies that require a degree from a credentialed institution, you should consider completing VETI, then completing Victory Outreach Bible College and then transferring into Vanguard University, see below.

Vanguard Bachelor of Arts degree in Ministry and Leadership
Victory Education & Training Institute (VETI) is proud to share a partnership with Vanguard University (VU) that allows VETI graduates to transfer to VU for the completion of a fully-accredited bachelor’s degree in Religion with an emphasis in Ministry and Leadership. VETI students transferring to VU will have the option of studying on campus in Costa Mesa, Calif. or online in a peer group that shares their values. All VETI graduates will receive a 25% discount on their upper-division coursework that they can complete in as little as two years. Click here for details:

Vanguard Masters of Arts degree in Ministry and Leadership Studies
VOBC graduates can continue their education in transformational leadership by completing their Masters of Arts degree in Leadership Studies at Vanguard University. VOBC graduates can study LIVE online or in the classroom at the Vanguard campus in Costa Mesa, Calif. The VOBC and Vanguard partnership agreement also provide students with a 25% tuition discount. Click here for details:

29. Can I transfer V.E.T.I. units to another school?

To Transfer units from V.E.T.I. to another School: If you would like to transfer V.E.T.I. units to another Bible school, request an official copy of your transcripts (See #38).  Make sure to contact the other institution first.

To Transfer units from another School to V.E.T.I.:  If you would like to transfer units from another Bible school to V.E.T.I., contact your school administration office and have them mail us an "official" copy of your transcripts.   We will then let you know what courses we will accept.  We can only accept bible courses of like subject matter. 

The maximum number of units than can be transferred over to VETI is 30 units or 10 courses.

If you would like us to give you an "unofficial" review of your classes, email a copy of your transcripts along with your email address and phone number to: veti@victoryoutreach dot org attention, "V.E.T.I. transcript review".  Include the total number of course hours and the course description.

If you already passed an English course in college you do not have to take the course, "Research & Writing" with VETI.  

Please Note:

V.E.T.I. exists to train men and women for the work of the ministry; as God has mandated us to reach the urban centers of the world. Accreditation bodies have made great strides in raising the standards of education, especially in Christian schools. We, however, understand that our calling and mission is very clear and very unique.

Although we strive to achieve the highest academic standards possible, we feel that to change our educational philosophy and methodology for accreditational purposes would kill the very spirit that is foundational to our ministry.  So, our units will not be compatible to engineering or music degrees offered at other institutions.

In fact, we work hard enough at keeping compatible to the needs in the local church and world around us.  Again, our goal is to prepare our students to fulfill the mandate set before us; students who understand their calling and purpose in the local church and in God's global mission.

30. What is the mission statement for V.E.T.I.?
Victory Education and Training Institute assists the Elders, Regional Pastors, and Pastors in equipping their people to fulfill the mission and vision of Victory Outreach International. The school does this by providing doctrinally correct, practically oriented, centralized and decentralized training tailored to fit the mission and people of Victory Outreach International.

31.  How can I apply to teach at V.E.T.I.?
Not all who apply are accepted but if you have the gift of teaching, verifiable teaching experience and verifiable formal Bible training, (graduation from V.E.T.I. at a minimum) feel free to complete the Instructor Application.

You must also be a team player, have excellent communication skills and know how to follow detailed instructions.  If you are interested in teaching online, you will also need to be comfortable and proficient working with computers.  The application to teach at a local extension as well as to teach online is the same.

32.  What are the book requirements?
The list of all required books for online classes is located here.  Book requirements are also listed in the course syllabus.  The cost for text books is not included in the registration cost for online courses.  Please order your books as soon as possible and select "rush delivery" to make sure you get your book on time.  You can compare prices at several online bookstores here: Your local library may also have your required book, visit:

33.  How Many Classes Can I Take at the Same Time?
You can take as many classes as you can handle.  Keep in mind that each class requires between 3-6 hours of work per week.  Some students will be able to complete the weekly assignments in less time and some students will need more than 3-6 hours per week to complete the assignments.  One advantage of an online course is that you can complete your course requirements at your convenience because our online school is never closed.  V.E.T.I. Online is always open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

34. How long are Summer sessions?
All online sessions, no matter when you take them, are seven weeks in length.

35. How late can I register for an online course?
We allow students to register for a course up to one week after a session has begun.   Since online classes open on Mondays, late registration is open until 11:59 PM (P.S.T.) of the following Monday.  This does not mean that a student can miss a session.  They will simply have to make up the work for the first session.  Since only 25 students can register for any particular course it is recommended to register as soon as possible.

36.  How do I sign up for an online class?
Registration for online courses occurs 5 times a year.  To be automatically notified when a new online session is about to begin, join "The V.E.T.I. Network", membership is free.   To sign up for a class, registration must be open.  Click here to see if registration is open or closed.

37.  How do I start?

I'm so glad you asked!

Be sure to review our welcome page here.

To register right now click here.

  1. V.E.T.I. provides On-Site, and On-line courses.   Our local extensions are located in over 80 different cities in the U.S. and abroad. 
  2. The cost for each class at VETI is $120.  The cost of Intensive course is $135.  There are no fee's to pay to begin taking a class (No application fee's and no student fee's). A student must be at least 18 years old before you can enroll in a V.E.T.I. course.
  3. To begin, simply check the list of courses available in your area, register & pay the $ 120 course fee, print the receipt and bring it with you to class.  Cash is no longer accepted at local extensions. 
  4. 24 courses are required to graduate (19 core or required courses and any 5 elective courses).  Students can graduate from VETI in 2-years years by successfully completing 3 classes each quarter, four quarters a year (Fall, Winter, Spring & Summer).  All classes are 3 units each which can be taken in any order.  The next graduation will take place in the summer of 2020 at the Victory Outreach International World Conference in the Los Angeles Convention Center.  If you have any questions please call our office at 909-599-4437.
  5. If you "HAVE" taken a V.E.T.I. course, request a copy of your transcripts (See # 38 below) to make sure you know exactly what classes you have completed and what classes you have left to finish.
  6. If you have "NEVER" taken a class at V.E.T.I., you can enroll in any On-Site, or On-line class that is available in your area. Students need to successfully complete 24 courses in order to graduate (all courses are 3 units each)There is no correct order in which to begin taking V.E.T.I. classes.  Below is the course list.
  7. To make sure you stay on track, check off each class you complete using the 72 Unit Course List.

  8. If you are a graduate of the Urban Training Center, (U.T.C.) contact our office at 909-599-4437 to ensure that your credits have been properly transferred.  See also #52 below.

  9. To register for an Onsite, Online class click here to register.  Each on-site class meets from 7pm - 10pm. Online classes do not have not set meeting times.  The main requirement for online classes is to turn in all assignments before midnight each Sunday.  For details how online classes work click here.

  10. If you are enrolling in an online class, order the books for your course immediately after registering or even before you register for a class.  For on-site classes at local extensions, your instructor will inform you about the book requirements on the first day of class.

  11. After you have enrolled in your first class, keep taking classes and stay motivated.

  12. One strategy to consider, to make sure you graduate in two years, is to enroll in On-Site, Online and Intensive courses.  Download a copy of the 2-Year "Fast Track" Model to give you an idea of what your schedule could look like.

  13. To view the 2013 School Calendar visit:


Online classes are seven weeks long and are limited to the first 25 students who register per class.  Once you have registered, you will receive a login name and password.  You will use that information to access your course.  There is no set time when you have to log into your course.   V.E.T.I. Online is never closed. You can log in anytime a class has started.  The main requirement is to complete all assignments before the next session begins which is normally each Monday morning at 12:01 AM, (PST).  See also questions 10 and 14.

After completing V.E.T.I. you will receive an Associates degree in Bible and Theology and qualify to apply at Victory Outreach Bible College.  For accreditation questions, see question 28.


38.  How Do I request a Copy of my Transcripts?

Click here to request a copy of your transcripts

All classes that have been successfully completed under any of our previous school names (School of the Bible, V.O.S.O.M, V.O.I.B.I., VETI, etc.) count toward completion of VETI's Associate's degree in Religion and Theology. 

To find out the grade for a recent course you have completed, log into your Victory Outreach profile at Click on Education and then on "My Courses".  All of the courses you have taken along with your grade will be listed.  Courses you have taken before the summer of 2012 are not listed.  For those classes, you will need to request a copy of your transcript (click here).

Additional student information and resources are available from your profile.

If you have not requested a copy of your transcripts in a very long time, make sure to request a copy. You don't want to accidentally forget that you need one or two classes to graduate. 

If you have a question about a course not appearing on your transcripts please call our office (you may have dropped out of the course, maybe you did not fully pay for the class, or you didn't complete the assignments, or maybe you missed too many sessions).

39. How many units does it take to graduate?

V.E.T.I. provides a dynamic 2-year (72 unit) Bible training program.  Successful completion of 24 courses is needed to graduate.  Specifically, a student needs 19 core (required) courses and any 5 elective courses.  Graduate in 2 years by completing 3 classes each quarter, four quarters a year (Fall, Winter, Spring & Summer).  Graduates earn an Associates degree in Bible and Theology.  See also question 28. 

40. How Can I prepare to graduate?

The next graduation will take place during the VOI World Conference 2020. 

To prepare, make sure to enroll in all 19 required courses and all 5 elective courses.  

The last quarter that counts toward graduation will be spring 2020.

If a student does not have enough units to graduate by the end of the spring quarter,  he or she will not be able to graduate on stage.  Students will not be able "pre-pay" for classes so that he or she can "walk the stage". 

Continue to enroll in courses.  We have on-site classes (at local extensions) on-line classes, intensive courses and VETI Live courses, (live online).

Remember that V.E.T.I. offers a 2 year Bible program.  Do not be discouraged if you cannot graduate in less than 2 years of full-time studies. If you want to graduate, keep in touch with our office, follow us on Twitter, talk with your instructors and local V.E.T.I. Coordinator, pray, communicate with your pastor and we will see you on graduation day, onstage with your cap and gown, thoroughly equipped and ready for every good work. (2 Tim 3:17)

41. If I do not attend a Victory Outreach Church can I take an online class?
Absolutely yes.  Anyone is welcome to enroll in a V.E.T.I. course (online, onsite or intensive courses). All students must be at least 18 years old to register. 

42.  What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is one form of academic dishonesty.  Plagiarism means to use someone else’s work without giving them credit, (or citing the source).  In other words, it’s presenting some else’s work as your own.  Other forms of academic dishonesty include, turning in work that someone else completed, getting outside help without the instructors permission, copying parts of an assignment from the internet or a book when instructed not to, intentionally providing false information about a source...... Click here for more.

43.  How do online classes work?
Online classes are group study courses available on any computer with internet access.  V.E.T.I. offers 14 online interactive classes  (At this time we have 12 courses in English and 2 in Spanish).  Each class is 7 weeks long.  Online classes are available 5 times a year (see Calendar) and consist of video & audio lessons, group discussions, reading & writing assignments and quizzes.  Classes take place .....Click here for more.

44.  What class should I take first?

There is no correct order to take V.E.T.I. courses. You can take any class that is available in your area or online.  You may also take online classes and on-site classes at the same time.  A student can take as many classes as he or she can handle.  Online classes require approximately 3-6 hours of study per week, per course
(this depends on how fast a student can type, their reading and comprehension skills, as well as their individual learning style).


45.  How do I get licensed?
Graduation from V.E.T.I. is not the means to licensing although having graduated and received formal biblical & theological training is a requirement.  Graduation from V.E.T.I. requires completion of 24 (3-unit) courses for a total of 72 units (19 required and any 5 elective courses).  In other words, graduating from V.E.T.I. is a prerequisite but that does not automatically qualify you to receive a minister’s license (completion of previous module or ministers diploma courses count toward the required 72 unit courses).

To find out if you have all of the required courses request a copy of your transcripts and use our 72-unit course list.  All Theology and Bible courses must be completed before applying with a grade of a B or higher. 


If you feel called to the ministry we encourage you to be involved in your church, be fruitful, stay close to your pastor and let him know your aspirations.  If your pastor gives you his approval you can apply here.

46.  I forgot my password.

If you forget your password, click on the "I forgot my password" link in the login area.  Enter the email address you used to register for your course and the system will email you a new password.

47.  I changed my email address.

If you would like to use a different email address than the one you used to register for the class, log into your course and go to your profile. From there you can update all of your contact info.d

48.  How do I upload my picture?

You can obtain a picture file using any number of methods e.g.:

  1. Using a digital camera, your photos will most likely already be on your computer in the right format.
  2. Scan a printed photograph to an image file.
  3. Take a picture using a cell phone. Borrow one if you don't have one.

To upload the image:

  1. Log into your course.
  2. Click on "PROFILE" located in the Administration Box on the left side of the screen.
  3. Click on the “Edit Profile” tab on the top of the screen underneath your name
  4. While you are in the profile be sure to write something about yourself in the “Description Area”.
  5. Scroll down and click on "browse" button.
  6. Navigate to your photo in your computer.
  7. Select the photo, click open and then click on "Update Profile".

You can add or change your photo and make changes to your profile anytime.  You can also view any of your classmates profile and picture by clicking on their name or photo from the participants link.  Make sure to select a photo that clearly shows what you look like. The best images to use are close-ups.  We don't need to see the sky, the ceiling, etc.  :) We really want to see what you look like.

NOTE:  When you are taken back to your profile page, the image might not appear to have changed. If this is so, just use the "Reload" button in your browser.

49.  Can I share my email address with a friend?

You cannot share an email address with another student.  Each student is required to have their own personal email address to log into class.  If you do not have an email address consider obtaining a free email account here: or

50.  What type of degree do I get after I graduate?

After successfully completing all 24 classes required to graduate (each class is 3 units), students earn an Associates degree in Bible and Theology.  A student can complete our 72 unit program in 2 years if he or she enrolls in 3 classes at a time, each school quarter of the year (Fall, Winter, Spring & Summer) See also our "2-Year Fast Track".

You can speed up the time it takes to graduate by enrolling in our online classes and in our Intensive courses.  See question #37 to find out "How to Begin at V.E.T.I." and #28 and #39 for accreditation questionsFor those seeking licensing see number #45.

After graduation if you desire to continue your education you can earn a "Bachelor in Christian Ministry" degree (B. Min.) from (classes are held in Azusa Pacific Uiversity in Azusa Ca.).  V.E.T.I. has partnered with Facultad to help students pursue an accredited degree.  If you would like to study for this B. Min. degree, contact V.E.T.I. first for a letter of recommendation.  For details click here.

Since V.E.T.I. is strictly a Bible School, a High School Diploma, G.E.D. or College credits are not required in order to attend. 

51.  When will the class I need be offered?
V.E.T.I. classes are available in over 70 extensions throughout the year in the Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer.  For the list of local extensions, click here  (Right click the link and select, "Save Link As ... ").  To find out what classes are available in your area visit and click on the Course List link.


If you do not see the class you are looking for it is possible that it is not being offered in your local extension.  If that’s that case you may want to consider taking the class in another extension or check to see if the class is available online.  You can also check to see if your class is available as an Intensive class. It's possible that you may have to wait until the next school quarter.

If you still cannot find the class you are looking for, contact your local V.E.T.I. coordinator and ask him or her when they will be making the class you need available in your area.  To get in touch with your local coordinator, contact the local extension using the course list and church locater.  As soon as your local V.E.T.I. coordinator sends us the course list for your area (usually 1 - 2 weeks before each school quarter begins) we will post it online.  Whatever you do, don't give up.  Stay Motivated.

52.  What does it mean to enroll in a class as an Audit Student?

If a person is not interested in receiving a grade for a course he or she can sit in a class but must register as an AUDIT student which costs $50 instead of the usual $110 cost. 

An audit is an educational term for the completion of a course of study for which no assessment is made or grade awarded.  To enroll as an audit student means that you want to experience a course (or learn from your favorite instructor) but you are not interested in receiving credit for the class.  If you have an interest in a class and just want to sit in, register as an audit student.  Enrollment as an Audit Student allows you to attend lectures and enjoy the presentation, but you do not have to submit any papers, essays or assignments and you don't have to take any tests or exams.  

Audit students pay half the price of the normal cost of registration ($55. per course instead of $110).  Anyone can enroll as an audit student.  

Important:  If a person who enrolls in an audit class decides that he or she wants to receive credit for the class in the future, they will need to retake the course.  The student will not be able to pay the difference in cost to receive credit for the class.

53. What V.E.T.I. credits do I earn for completing the U.T.C.?

U.T.C. students automatically received credit for the following V.E.T.I. classes after completing either the 6 month or 12 month program:

Six month students earn 3 V.E.T.I. courses:

  1. Church History 3: History and Vision of V.O.I.
  2. Book of Acts
  3. Spiritual Disciplines

Twelve month students earn the 3 courses above plus the following 3 additional V.E.T.I. Courses:

  1. Leadership Development
  2. Church Growth
  3. Urban Ministries

U.T.C. credits may not automatically appear in the student profile although they will be listed in the student transcript when an official request is made here.

53.  How can I find out my grades?

To find out the grade for a recent course you have completed, log into click on Education and then on "My Courses".  All of the courses you have taken along with your grade will be listed.  Courses you have taken before the summer of 2012 are not listed.  For those classes you will need to request a copy of your transcript (see #38).

All classes that have been successfully completed under any of our previous school names (V.O.S.O.M, V.O.I.B.I., etc.) will appear on your transcripts. 

If you already passed an English course in college you do not have to take the course, "Research & Writing" with V.E.T.I.  See also #29.


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