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This application is for both on-site (local extension) and on-line applicants.  To download this application click here.  If you are considering to teach online, click here for details how about ou instructor orientation program.

Make sure to "completely" fill out this form and to include all required documentation with your application.  Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Instructors must be friendly, humble, teachable, a team player, have a positive attitude, be able to follow instructions, and able to use a computer since they will be grading students online.


This application is also an assessment to see how well applicants can follow directions.  Proof of successful completion from V.E.T.I. or another Bible school and a letter of recommendation from your local or regional pastor is the minimum requirement to teach at V.E.T.I.

Online instructor applications must have a dependable computer (PC or Mac) and enjoy working with computers and technology.  If you have any questions, please contact our office: 909-599-4437 or email,

For those who are interested in teaching online and are not completely comfortable working with computers, take an introduction to computer class at your local community college and learn the basics. Get comfortable working with computers & technology.  You may even want to consider taking an online class here at V.E.T.I. to learn what it is to be in an online environment.

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