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List of Online Courses Available

Below is the current list of online courses available.  Online classes are 7 weeks long. Here's how online classes work.

To register for an online class or a campus based course, click here:

Registration for each online session (and each school quarter) become available approximately 30 days before class. For more details please visit our Frequently Asked Questions here


  1. Biblical Counseling *
  2. Book of Acts  
  3. Book of Romans *      
  4. Church History 1 
  5. Church History 2
  6. Hermeneutics  
  7. Missions     
  8. Systematic Theology 1                        
  9. Systematic Theology 2                        
  10. Systematic Theology 3
  11. Urban Ministries

    Clases en Español:
  12. Teologia Sistematica I - En Linea
  13. Teologia Sistematica II - En Linea

*  Book of Romans is an elective course.

*  Biblical Counseling is an elective course.

*  Course Descriptions are available here.



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