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To find out your grades and what classes you have completed, request a copy of your transcript. "Unofficial" transcripts are for your personal use only.  Request the "Official" transcripts only if another school is requesting a copy of your V.E.T.I. transcripts.

  1. Online Request  Sent to the email address you indicate within 7-10 business days.
  2. Postal Mail Request  Sent to a physical address within 7-10 business days.


All classes that have been successfully completed under any of our previous school names (V.O.S.O.M, V.O.I.B.I., etc.) count toward graduation and your Religious Studies Certificate.

If you have not requested a copy of your transcripts in a long time, make sure you have a current copy of your transcripts.  You don't want to accidentally forget that you need one or two classes to graduate.

If you have a question about a course not appearing on your transcripts please call our office (you may have dropped out of the course, maybe you did not fully pay for the class, or you didn't complete the assignments, or maybe you missed to many sessions).


Always keep the registration receipt when enrolling in course.  You may also call our office to find out your grade for any recent course you have completed.  If you want to find out the grade for a class that you completed over six months, please request a copy of your transcripts. 


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