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VETI is now offering a new curriculum called, Practical Ministry Courses (PMC).

PMC's are 1-unit elective courses (2.5 hours each) intentionally offered to complement local pastors and provide practical skill-based training to help quickly empower Victory Outreach members into effective leaders for our movement today.

The tuition for each PMC is $40 (US).  Check the schedule at

Below are a list of PMC's that have already been offered as well as the tentative list for 2017.  


VETI Practical Ministry Course List 

  1. Pulpit Etiquette, 9/12/2016 & 10/10/2016.
  2. Life Group Ministry, 10/17/2016.
  3. How to Disciple, 11/15/2016.
  4. Event Planning, 12/12/2016.
  5. Relational Leadership, 1/31/2017.
  6. Marriage & Ministry, 2/27/2017.
  7. How to Start Discipleship Home, 3/27/2017
  8. How to Be an Effective Team Member 4/29/2017
  9. Prayer & Fasting 6/20/2017
  10. Planning Effective Street Rallies
  11. Stewardship
  12. Effective Media Ministry
  13. How to Study the Bible
  14. How to Teach a Bible Study
  15. How to develop a Worship Team
  16. Preparing for the Mission Field.
  17. Preparing Future Pastors
  18. 1 and 1 Evangelism
  19. Women in Ministry / Minister's Wives
  20. How to break the 150 Barrier
  21. How to break the 400 Barrier
  22. How to break the 600 Barrier

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PMC's are also available in Spanish. 

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