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VOI Graduation 2017

Graduation for VETI, VOBC, and UTC students will take place on Friday morning July 14, 2017, at the Los Angeles Convention Center during the week of the Victory Outreach International World Conference.

General Graduation Information

Graduation Guests:

Guests of the graduates can attend the graduation ceremony at no cost. If stopped at the entrance guest should inform the usher's that they are attending the graduation ceremony. Guests may arrive as early as they like. Tickets will need to be purchased to attend the evening service or any other service.

Graduation Rehearsal:
Rehearsal for the U.T.C., V.E.T.I. and V.O.B.C. graduation will take place in the main auditorium on Thursday, July 13, 2017, in the afternoon at 2pm.  Students must attend to participate.  

Cap and Gowns:
Cap and gowns will be distributed to all graduating students on the day of rehearsal (immediately after rehearsal) and before and after evening session on Thursday, July 13, 2017.  

Graduation Photos:

A professional photographer will be taking pictures of each graduate as they receive their certificate and at the bottom of the steps (details during rehearsal). A class photo will also be taken immediately after the ceremony.  Afterward, family and friends may take pictures with graduates.  Graduates will be able to order their photos online a few days after graduation.  Packages will start at approx. $35.

Graduation Costs:

The cost to participate in the commencement ceremony is $175, after March 1st the cost is $200.  The cost includes cap, gown, tassel, certificate cover, and certificate and participation in the 50th VOI World Conference streamed live around the world.

  • To start the application, click on the link above and make a $100 payment.  The balance of $100 is due by May 5, 2017.

  • If a student needs 1 or 2 classes to complete VETI, he or she can still graduate. They will just need to complete the remaining 1 or 2 classes by the summer of 2018.  Students will not need to pay for those 1 or 2 classes until they enroll in them.

  • Spring 2017 is the last quarter that counts toward graduation (begins April 3rd).

  • For all those that did not register before the graduation deadlines, unfortunately, you will not be able to participate at VOI Graduation. Please contact us after the conference to order your certificate.


  • If you are graduating from both VETI and VOBC or have questions, please call Academic Services @ 909-599-4437. 

VETI Students:

Have you completed the 24 courses that are needed to graduate? Specifically, a student needs 19 core (required) courses and any five elective courses. Use the Master Course Checklist to keep track of your classes.

The last quarter that counts toward graduation will be spring of 2017. Request a copy of a transcript at to confirm you have received credits for all VETI courses you have enrolled.

VOBC Students:

Have you completed the 42 units that are needed to graduate? Request a copy of a transcript by emailing to confirm you have received credits for all VOBC courses you have enrolled.

UTC Students:  

Have you completed the six months or 12 months commitment that is needed to graduate? UTC admin will contact all UTC candidates to confirm tuition has been paid in full, pass final exams, book reports have been completed and graduate form has been completed.

VETI Yearbook:

Be a part of the VETI yearbook.  Turn in your photos no later than March 31st, 2017.  Send us pictures of your students and yourself and instructor teaching, listening, in group study, taking a test, writing, in a discussion, in class, in church, praying, smiling, etc.   Your students may also want to hold up a sign of the name of your extension.  

Email your photos to and post them to Facebook using the hashtag:  #voigrad and #getveti Make sure the background is presentable and to include close-ups and group photos.  Include the name of your extension in the post or email.  We will gather the most memorable, inspiring, creative, happy and exciting, photos for the yearbook.

List of Candidates for Graduation 2017

V.O.B.C. Candidates (First graduating class)

  1. Annette Moreno, Pico Rivera, Ca.
  2. Lorena Gardea-Parker, Los Angeles (Eagle Rock), Ca.
  3. Lydia Roman, Pico Rivera, Ca.
  4. Mike Moreno, Pico Rivera, Ca.
  5. Eric Garcia, Stockton, Ca. 
  6. David Balbuena, Los Angeles (Eagle Rock), Ca.
  7. Anthony Brandon, Ca.
  8. Raymond Arredondo
  9. Daniel Bishop

V.E.T.I. Candidates:

  1. Julianne Peralez Quintana, San Jose, CA
  2. Anthony C. Boykins Sr., Gilroy, CA
  3. Javier Cota, Riverside, CA
  4. Ruben Jr. Tamayo, Lompoc, CA
  5. Reginald Cooley Sr., Las Vegas, NV
  6. Joseph R. Woolwine, San Jose, CA
  7. Yvette Foy, Philadelphia, PA
  8. Trisha Radell Reed, Portland, CA
  9. Daniel Ortega, Oxnard, CA
  10. Francisco Ortega, Santa Ana(Hispanic), CA
  11. Jerry L. Rodriguez, Gilroy, CA
  12. Jana Marie Redinger, Dallas (North), TX
  13. Lillian C. Farmer, Bridgeport, CT
  14. Andy P Wilson, Philadelphia, PA
  15. Javier Sandoval Herrera, Salt Lake City(Hispanic), CA
  16. Moises Trujillo, Pomona (Hispanic) CA
  17. Johnny Garza, San Jose, CA
  18. Edgar R. Villa, Fairfield, CA
  19. John Peter Christie, Bakersfield (Central), CA
  20. Jose Luis Aguila, Hayward (Hispanic), CA
  21. Manuel C. Silvas, Brawley, Ca.
  22. Josh Cisneros, Chicago (South), IL
  23. Frank Valenzuela, Barstow, CA
  24. Mildred Estela Anderson, Dallas (North), Tx
  25. William L.  Hunt, Selma, CA
  26. Reymundo Perez, Santa Rosa, CA
  27. Christina Marin, Stockton, CA
  28. Betty Carter, Chicago (South), IL
  29. Luis H Limon, Bakersfield (Central), Ca.
  30. Heriberto Hernandez Perez, Salinas, CA
  31. Anitra Galindo, Milwaukee, WI
  32. Marco A. Evangelista, San Diego, CA
  33. Christopher C. Hansen, Bakersfield(Central), CA
  34. Julie Barrios, Baldwin Park, CA
  35. Rosie Contreras, Chino, Ca.
  36. Jonathan Curtis Foreman, Bakersfield (Southwest), CA
  37. Ivy Garcia, Santa Rosa, CA
  38. Eric Thomas Olidge Sr., Philadelphia, PA
  39. Oscar Ibarra, Las Vegas (North Hispanic), NV
  40. Melissa Todd, San Diego, CA
  41. Susan Cortez, Chino, CA
  42. Ricardo Martinez, Los Angeles(Boyle Heights), CA
  43. Carlos Madrid, Indio, CA. 
  44. Antonio Pineda, Los Angeles (Eagle Rock), CA
  45. Lidia L Jimenez, San Jose (Hispanic), CA
  46. German Ramirez, Vista, CA
  47. Jenny Mendoza, Phoenix West(Hispanic), Az.
  48. William Ross, Chicago (North), IL
  49. James Perez, Santa Rosa, CA
  50. Gilbert Hernandez, Chino, CA
  51. Christella Hunt, Selma, CA
  52. Leon Jenkins III, Kansas City, Mo.
  53. William Justice, Gilroy, Ca
  54. Edward Olguin, Houston South East, Tx.
  55. Russell Tabaldo, San Jose, CA
  56. Edgardo Lopez, Henderson, NV
  57. Manuel Castro, Heart of the Bay, CA
  58. Johnny Avila, Chino, CA
  59. William Young, Cape Town, South Africa
  60. Ernesto Renteria, Bakersfield (Southwest), CA
  61. Jerry Hernandez, Moreno Valley, CA
  62. Ramon Anthony Cuevas, Chino, Ca.
  63. Ernie Natividad, Philippines
  64. Rodolfo Guevara, Los Angeles (Boyle Heights), CA
  65. Tony Romero, Sydney
  66. Charles Gilyard, Philadelphia (West), PA
  67. Miguel Ibarra, San Jose (Hispanic), CA
  68. Steve Edwards, San Pedro, Ca.
  69. Christian Wilson, San Pedro, Philippines
  70. Johnny Murray, Indio, Ca.
  71. Felicia Pena, Heart of the Bay, CA
  72. Luis Alvarez, Stockton, CA
  73. Denise Chacon, Hayward (Hispanic), CA
  74. Felix Guillen, Dallas (East), TX
  75. Nikki L. Sealey, San Diego, CA
  76. Veronica Velasco, Honolulu, HI
  77. Oscar Eli Ibarra, Las Vegas, Nv.
  78. Matthew Carillo, Honolulu, HI
  79. Danny Fenton, Santa Rosa, CA
  80. Pedro Gonzalez, Vallejo, CA
  81. Jessica Sanchez, Chino, CA
  82. Alfonso Ramirez, Las Vegas (Hispanic), NV
  83. Douglas Cuevas Jr, Chicago (South), IL
  84. Crystal Cuevas, Chicago (South), IL
  85. Mercedes Gutierrez, Las Vegas (Hispanic), NV
  86. Maria Umanzor, Las Vegas (Hispanic), NV
  87. Johanna Jadzia Tabaldo. San Jose, CA
  88. Joshua Castro, Fresno, CA
  89. Juan Cuava, Chino, CA
  90. Arturo Magana, Honolulu, HI
  91. Sabino Mendez, Hayward (Hispanic), CA
  92. Ricky Lopez, Chino, CA
  93. Kia Alston, Philadelphia, PA
  94. Joey Guadarrama, Santa Rosa, CA
  95. Kevin C Sims, Vallejo, CA
  96. Anthony Usselmann, Tri-Cities, WA
  97. Felix Negrete, San Bernardino, CA 
  98. Rosanna Tarin, Hacienda Heights, CA
  99. Oscar Ayala, Brawley, CA
  100. Gregory Chairez, Boyle Heights, CA
  101. Ruben Burciaga, Bakersfield, CA
  102. Joel Pineda, Las Vegas (Hispanic), NV
  103. Fermin Plata, Hacienda heights, CA
  104. Virginia Michelle Ramirez, Hacienda Heights, CA
  105. Benjamin Gaddis, Rancho Cordova, CA
  106. Paul J. Martinez, San Jose, CA
  107. Leo Andrew Rios, Las Vegas (Summerlin), NV
  108. Alex Martinez, Chicago, IL
  109. Gerald Castaneda, Bakersfield (Southwest), CA
  110. Johnny Vega, Long Beach, CA
  111. larence Dale Willis, Lompoc, CA
  112. Adrian D Ortega, Las Vegas, NV
  113. Feddie Barboza, Madera, CA
  114. David Nicoll, Albuquerque, NM
  115. Patricia Monreal, Bakersfield (Southwest), CA
  116. Shawn Salazar Griffin, Albuquerque, NM
  117. Antonia Ruiz, San Jose, CA
  118. Victor H. Ruiz, San Jose, CA
  119. Julien Chase Cameron, San Diego, CA
  120. Eduardo Guevara, Dallas(East), TX
  121. Hector Gradilla, Porterville, CA
  122. Lino De La Cruz Jr., Gilroy, CA
  123. Leno Villa, Bakersfield(Central), CA
  124. Nathan Samuel Buelna, Philadelphia, PA
  125. Raylene Torres, Chino, CA
  126. Marco A. Ibarra, Rancho Cordova, Ca.
  127. Dionicio Cruz, Indio, CA
  128. Keith Addison Arnold, Fremont, CA
  129. Hugo Rangel, Hayward(Hispanic), CA
  130. Gabriela Lopez, Santa Ana, CA
  131. Manuel Padilla Sr., Brawley, CA
  132. Catina Pace, Palmdale,  CA
  133. Jorge A. Ramirez, Visalia, Ca.
  134. Kyle Duncan, Albuquerque, NM
  135. Christine Duncan, Albuquerque, NM
  136. Elida Gonzales, Hayward, CA 
  137. Anthony Padilla, Bonita, CA
  138. Michael Rodríguez, Calexico, CA
  139. Richard Myers, Mentone, CA
  140. Carlos Sandez, San bernardino, CA
  141. Anthony Rodriguez Whittier, CA
  142. Ruth La Turco, Chino, CA
  143. Oscar Ramirez, Grand Prairie, Ca
  144. David Tejeras, Philadelphia, PA
  145. Joshua Ruiz, Grand Prairie, CA
  146. Erick Pérez,Los Angeles, CA
  147. Theodore Daniel Gabriels, Cape Town
  148. Ezra Daniel Gabriel, Cape Town
  149. Monique I. Portillo, Denver(north), CO
  150. Artie Sesma, San Diego, CA
  151. Ruth Torres, Mesa(Hispanic) SATELLITE, CA
  152. Gloria Perez, Mesa(Hispanic) SATELLITE, CA
  153. Luke J. Garcia, Bakersfield(Central), CA
  154. Ruben Nunez, Portland, CA
  155. Isaac Pedroza, Brawley, CA
  156. Jose De Jesus Manzano, Vista(Hispanic), CA
  157. Eric M. Merino, San Ysidro(Hispanic), CA
  158. Richard A Portillo, Hacienda Heights, CA
  159. Agustin Salanveva, Santa Rosa, CA
  160. Maria Luisa Ortiz, Phoenix East(Hispanic) CA
  161. Lorraine V. Lopez, Whittier, CA
  162. Danny Silva, Chino, CA
  163. Lizeth Gonzalez, Phoenix West(Hispanic), Az.
  164. Daniel Banda, Chino, Ca.
  165. Armando Rojas Duran, Hacienda Heights, Ca.
  166. Eric Sandoval, Huntington Beach, Ca.
  167. Norma Corral, Tucson, Az.
  168. Xavier Martinez Montelongo Sr., Chino, Ca.
  169. Francisco Centeno Tristan, Chino, Ca.
  170. Edith Garcia Gaeta, San Jose (Hispanic), Ca.
  171. Rachel De La O-Gonzalez, National City (Hispanic), Ca.
  172. Damaris Annette Marquez Ellington, Fremont, Ca.
  173. Henry Duarte, Pretoria
  174. Frida Ortega, Ontario (Hispanic), Ca.
  175. Heidy Gabriela Ramirez Buendia, Chino, CA
  176. Vincent Martinez, Oxnard, Ca.

1-Year U.T.C. Candidates:

  1. Aaliyah Alvarez, Sacramento (South)
  2. Adrian Ortega, Las Vegas
  3. Adriana Barreras, Tri-Cities
  4. Alexis Gonzalez, Victorville
  5. Alexis Huizar, Bakersfield (Southwest)
  6. Alisha Biggs, Manchester
  7. Aliyah Hughes, Chicago (South)
  8. Anikah Alvarado, Bakersfield (Central)
  9. Anna Stoner, Pacifica
  10. Anthony Hall, Santa Rosa
  11. Antonio Meraz, Whittier
  12. April Gabriel, Salinas
  13. Atletli Morales, Salinas
  14. Bianca Garcia, San Bernardino
  15. Breana Zavala, Van Nuys
  16. Brenda Negrete, Santa Ana (Hispanic)
  17. Brittany Davis, Vallejo
  18. Brittney Marrufo, Bakersfield (Central)
  19. Chandler Price, Santa Maria
  20. Christopher Bishop, Camden
  21. Dajanae Sofeni, Reno
  22. Daniel Banuelos, Pacifica
  23. Daniel Lujan, Chicago (South)
  24. Daniela Lopez, Los Angeles (Eagle Rock Hispanic)
  25. Danielle Chavez, San Diego
  26. Destiny Rodriguez, Selma
  27. Dorina Gutierrez, San Bernardino
  28. Ed Morales, San Jose
  29. Edgar Hernandez, Stockton
  30. Edgar Torres, San Bernardino (Hispanic)
  31. Elisa Marie Gonzalez, Los Angeles (Huntington Park)
  32. Felix Ruiz, Chino
  33. Fernando Torres, Palmdale
  34. Frankie Salcido, San Diego
  35. Gabriel Astorga, Salinas
  36. Gabriel Gallegos,Vista
  37. Genesis Rodriguez, Bakersfield (Southwest)
  38. Gianinna Gamio, Carson
  39. Gustavo Rodriguez, Sacramento (North)
  40. Hillary Morillo-Chavez, Salt Lake City (Hispanic)
  41. Isaiah Carrillo, Chino
  42. Isaiah Escovedo, Escondido
  43. Ivan Villalobos, Riverside
  44. Jacob Fabros, Los Angeles (Eagle Rock)
  45. Janice Nunez, Los Angeles (Huntington Park)
  46. Jazmine Tello, San Diego
  47. Jelani Alvarez, San Jose
  48. Johanna Tabaldo, San Jose
  49. Jose Gutierrez, Los Angeles (Huntington Park)
  50. Joseph Celaya, Gilroy
  51. Joseph Jimenez, Los Angeles (Huntington Park)
  52. Joseph Luna, Los Angeles (Huntington Park)
  53. Juan Oregel, San Fernando
  54. Karen Flores, Santa Ana (Hispanic)
  55. Karina Rascon, Indio
  56. Katrina Mann, Albuquerque
  57. Kayla Johnson, Las Vegas (Summerlin)
  58. Larry Vigil, Oakland
  59. Laura Casillas, San Bernardino
  60. Liliana Guerrero, East Los Angeles (Hispanic)
  61. Louis Montes De Oca, Bakersfield (Central)
  62. Lucie Shabantu, Chino
  63. Luis Banuelos Jr., Pacifica
  64. Maeghan Ibarra, San Jose
  65. Manuel Real, Los Angeles (Huntington Park)
  66. Manuela Mendeszoon, Rotterdam
  67. Marayah Valenzuela, Antioch
  68. Maria Arango, San Pedro
  69. Mariel Aguilar, Salinas
  70. Marissa Garza, Salinas
  71. Martiza Viera, Austin
  72. Melakah Dajani, Vallejo
  73. Michael Beck, Fremont
  74. Miguel Quintana, Brooklyn (Hispanic)
  75. Miriam Gomez, Escondido (Hispanic)
  76. Miriam Molinar, Las Vegas (Hispanic)
  77. Monique Cabrera, Antioch
  78. Nadia Reyes, Madera
  79. Nallely Duarte, Stockton
  80. Naomi Castor, San Diego
  81. Natalia Cruz, Sacramento (South)
  82. Nicole Moreno, Spokane
  83. Oscar Barba, Los Angeles (Huntington Park)
  84. Rachel Blanco, Heart of the Bay
  85. Raylena Rivera, Victorville
  86. Roger Villa, San Bernardino
  87. Roxan Gonzales, Chicago (South)
  88. Rudy Guzman, Indio
  89. Sabrina Sanchez, Gilroy
  90. Sal Perez jr, Tucson
  91. Salvador Robeldo, Indio
  92. Sarina Gutierrez, San Bernardino
  93. Saul Tapia, Baldwin Park
  94. Sean Burrow, Fremont
  95. Socorra Brown, Reno
  96. Todd Burns, Hacienda Heights
  97. Tony MORALES, Fremont
  98. Tyler Mendez, Palmdale
  99. Uddy Ogbo, Manchester
  100. Vanessa Moreno, Los Angeles (Eagle Rock)
  101. Veronica Cortez, Vista
  102. Victor Avila, Los Angeles (Huntington Park)
  103. Victoria Robledo, Indio
  104. Vienna Mendeszoon, Willemstad, Curacao
  105. Whitney Crowder, Denver (North)
  106. William C. Sweeney II, Newark
  107. Yessica Heredia,Vista

6-Month U.T.C. Candidates:

  1. Aaron Hall, Bridgeport
  2. Abisai Sanchez, Stockton
  3. Abraham Perez, San Jose
  4. Adelina Acosta, Las Vegas
  5. Adelina Isabela Acosta, Las Vegas
  6. Alberto Jimenez, Miami (West Hispanic)
  7. Alejandro Arceo, Los Angeles (Huntington Park)
  8. Alexis Olascoaga, Chino
  9. Alfonso Miranda, Los Angeles (Huntington Park)
  10. Alicia Danielle Carapia, Vista (Hispanic)
  11. Alicia Morales, Fullerton (Hispanic)
  12. Alondra Flores, Escondido (Hispanic)
  13. Amber Contreras, Los Angeles (Downtown)
  14. Andrew Garza III, Austin
  15. Angel Ramirez, Vista (Hispanic)
  16. Angelique Domingue,z San Jose
  17. Antoinette Sandoval, San Diego
  18. Arturo Gil, Pomona (Hispanic)
  19. Ashley Talton, Philadelphia (West)
  20. Brandon Castaneda, National City (Spanish)
  21. Brian Brunson, Las Vegas (Summerlin)
  22. Bruce Bernal, Garden Grove
  23. Caprice Loyd Sanchez, Heart of the Bay
  24. Casandra Velasco, Honolulu
  25. Christiana Sarianana, Antioch
  26. Crystal Espitia, Dallas (East)
  27. David Rodriguez, Los Angeles (Huntington Park)
  28. Deborah Chavez, Pomona (Hispanic)
  29. Devin R Herrera, Albuquerque
  30. Eboni Jangano, Atlanta
  31. Efrain Longoria III, Chino
  32. ELizebeth Castro, Los Angeles (El Sereno)
  33. Erilyn Merino, San Ysidro (Hispanic)
  34. Ervin Balladarez, Arlington
  35. Ezekiel Melendrez, Stockton
  36. Gilbert Alcaraz, Escondido
  37. Gilbert Villa, Reno
  38. Giovanna Abella-Leon, Phoenix West (Hispanic)
  39. Gloria Salcido, Salinas
  40. Grace Murillo, Chino
  41. Gustavo Ibarra, San Bernardino (Hispanic)
  42. Isabel Vazquez, Escondido (Hispanic)
  43. Isaiah Martinez, Chicago (North)
  44. Isveth Arce, San Bernardino (Hispanic)
  45. James Balentine, Vallejo
  46. Jamie Cedillo, Houston
  47. Jasmin Gomez, Los Angeles (Eagle Rock)
  48. jasmine jones, Sacramento (South)
  49. Jasmine Salas, San Jose
  50. Jasmine Swearingen, Antioch
  51. Jerry Castillo, Fresno (East) 
  52. Jesse Hernandez, Las Vegas (Summerlin)
  53. Jessie Saavedra, Chino
  54. Jesus Mora, Santa Ana (Hispanic)
  55. Jocelyn Cendejas, Los Angeles (Huntington Park)
  56. Johnny Castro, Selma
  57. Jonathan Salazar, Santa Ana (Hispanic)
  58. Jose Brito, Los Angeles (Westlake)
  59. Jose Valencia, Sacramento (South)
  60. Juan Rangel, Dallas (East)
  61. Jullian Werner, Honolulu
  62. Julie Zegers, Chino
  63. Julio Marino, Fullerton (Hispanic)
  64. Kellen Begay, Phoenix
  65. Kevin Orellana, Las Vegas (North Hispanic)
  66. Krystal Estep, Las Vegas (Summerlin)
  67. Leticia Estrada, Bakersfield (Central)
  68. Liana Sanchez, Los Angeles (Huntington Park)
  69. Lisette Hernandez, Palmdale
  70. Luis Placencia, Salinas
  71. Lupe Valdez, Indio (Hispanic)
  72. Manuel Libert, Phoenix
  73. Marcia Winn, Philadelphia
  74. Marita Arredondo, Chicago (South)
  75. Matthew Ginther, Fullerton (Hispanic)
  76. Mayra Marquez, Los Angeles (Boyle Heights)
  77. Melida Sinchi, Brooklyn (Hispanic)
  78. Melissa Lishman, Honolulu
  79. Mia Moreno, Los Angeles (Eagle Rock)
  80. Michael Rodriguez, San Bernardino (Hispanic)
  81. Miranda Martinez, San Bernardino (Hispanic)
  82. Moriah Garcia, Phoenix
  83. Natalie Bueno, Hacienda Heights
  84. Nathan Rice, Santa Rosa
  85. Nestor Rivera, Chicago (South)
  86. Ontranique Taylor, Las Vegas
  87. Rayden Quiocho, Honolulu
  88. Raymon Lopez-Hernandez, Rancho Cordova
  89. Rene Medina, Los Angeles (Eagle Rock)
  90. Roberto Carpio, Fullerton (Hispanic)
  91. Sabrina Torres, Seattle
  92. Santos Torres, Antioch
  93. Sapphire Arzuaga, Philadelphia
  94. Shellsea Cervantes, Selma
  95. Shola Oshalusi, Chicago (North)
  96. Stephanie Quiroz, San Diego
  97. Steve Acuna, Phoenix (East) Hispanic
  98. Tatiana Rodriguez, Philadelphia
  99. Tiffany Limom, Antioch
  100. Tyler Nolen, Visalia
  101. Valerie Lopez, Phoenix
  102. Valerie Velasco, Honolulu
  103. Victoria Cervantes, Pomona
  104. Victoria Tarin, Palmdale
  105. Vincent Chagolla, San Bernardino (Hispanic)
  106. William Banks, Antioch
  107. William Justice, Gilroy
  108. Yvette De La Paz, Vallejo
  109. Yvonne Rodriguez, Phoenix West (Hispanic)
  110. Zenues-Jay Vaimanino, Honolulu

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